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Hey there to you. Welcome to my Margarita-style blog.  We like it salty and sweet here.  Salty language but with sweet truths. Cannot wait to hear if you have any topics you'd like me to cover or even your comments.  Let's do this

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I like it salty and sweet

4 Knights of Divorce

We’re doing TV shows again today.  🙂  Can you tell there’s a bit of escapism happening in my life at the moment? My favourite historical show is Outlander.  Is it historical if it’s time travel?  Let me know your thoughts. BUT – I have mixed feelings about the latest season….plus they’re releasing it one episode […]

The Four Horsemen and their Quest for Your Marriage

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end my marriage

I’m going to hit you with a set of clues and you can decide which one was the decider for my 1st marriage ending: Playing “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” at our wedding – lyrics “everybody needs a little time away” Me saying “It’s not my fault you are such a stupid human being” less than a […]

The Day Bruce Willis Ended my Marriage

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dismissive avoidant signs

I sat in the chair.  Tried to stare down the balding, tall and totally eccentric man casually bouncing one leg on the other. Shrank inside my oversized black corduroy bomber jacket (with a faux fur collar – swish I know).  And – I proceeded to silently fume (I had taken to not speaking at all in […]

How to Crap All Over your Relationships as an Adult.

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Things I fell in love with:The way he breathed.  The way he ate.  The noise he made when he slept.  His smell.  His voice.  His feet.  His hands.  His hair.  His clothes.  HIs car.  His job.  His taste in music.  9 years, 3 kids, one marriage passThings that made me go “ick”The way he breathed.  The way he ate.  The noise he made when he slept.  His smell.  His voice.  His feet.  His […]

Hit me with your Marriage “icks” . Hit me slowly. Hit me Quick.

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Confused about my relationship

There is a truckload of confused people walking around out there at the moment.  Blank eyes.  Stares.  Think The Walking Dead.  Have you seen it too?I love a question.  I love an explanation.  I love to pull things absolutely apart and work out how they work.My mum used to have this little plastic kind of […]

Forget Death Adders – I killed a Handy Adder.

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We don’t eat takeaway food a lot.  I could pretend I am all holier than thou and “clean eating” or whatever trend is happening now.  BUT – my man doesn’t like it – or doesn’t like paying for it – or prefers my cooking – something like that.   So – I always feel a […]

How to Apologize Like You Don’t Mean a Word of it.

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marriage counseling

It was one of those “what does your parent do” show-and-tell thingy’s at school. I wasn’t there but if I could have a dollar for every text or phone call I received after it – I would be swanning around Monaco in my private yacht.  Think – Below Deck on steriods.   Angelic looking little […]

The Day I Became the School Floozy…at 30

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Anti-depressant Therapy

  “I worry about being in therapy. I worry about not being in therapy”+ I never, ever worried about being told that I would be entering Withdrawal Therapy. Farewell Prozac my old friend.I won’t be seeing you again.Because the years are softly creeping.And I’ve stopped my crazy weeping.And the vision that was planted in my […]

The Day They Took Away my Beautiful, Magical Anti-Depressants.

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I learned so much when I died

I learned so much the day I died. My first memories of what I call my second life are of the movie ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs’ being played on repeat above my head and the light in the room never being dimmed. For days. And days. And I remember my one thought being, […]

A stroke at 30, and I Couldn’t Be More Grateful

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