a life in perfect balance

rebecca chapman  - INTUITIVE THERAPIST

Are you tired of trying to figure out what is wrong with you and just want to start living the life you choose? Not the one other people have chosen for you or that they will approve of.

I never thought that I could stop feeling flawed, stop attracting people who made me feel shitty about myself AND actually start having an amazing life full of loving relationships - all without breaking the bank or losing my mind.
But here I am  - and - BOOM - now here you are. I always just message and talk without saying "Hello" first - I was a shy kid who taught herself social skills REALLY badly.  So - "HELLO" (halfway down the paragraph - cough)...let's be friends.  

I recently moved from a big city to a really small country town in Queensland Australia and my house is about 5 minutes from a beach.  Chances are, when I answer you on Insty that that's where I am.  Feet in the sand, staring at the ocean and working out whether or not I want to go in.  Strange thing here is that the water is really warm - like a bath.  To be honest - it can feel a bit creepy on your skin.  So - I don't always go in. 
I'll have food on my clothes for absolute sure and my care factor about that is a big ZERO. 
I'm the mum of 5, stepmum of 2 and nanna of 1. And that means I can't be still 30 which I think I am. 
I hate having my photo taken so  - that pic up there isn't me.  The one down there is. 

My superpower is helping people become the best version of themselves. A Relationship Rockstar and Narcissist Whisperer. I work with women to get major upgrades in their relationships, whether it's with themselves, their romantic partner(s), lover(s), friend(s) or family member.


Straight talk, strong coffee, short emails, sleeping and chatting.  Books. Cooking. Cookbooks. Calling it what it is. Purple. My kids.  My grandkids.  Pineapple.  World of Warcraft and walking.  My friends.  Giving the finger sometimes. 


Double talk, Weak coffee, Fluffing around, small talk and lying to keep the peace. Porridge (oats) and food that isn't salty enough. The colour Orange. Eeeeh. Controversial I know but - my 70's childhood did me in. Orange overkill. 


With my computer on my lap, cooking, trying to work out where to look on a Zoom call, hiding in my bed, hiding Ubereats receipts, dancing - complete with disco ball.  Playing the piano and watching lots and lots of true crime.  Reality tv (shoot me I know), lying with my head by the speaker - listening to 80's rock. 

daily rituals

Strong coffee.  Stalking my insta friends. Cooking.  Thinking about food.  Notice the theme?  Wondering if I should Botox.  Meditating.  Walking a lot - like a lot - Forrest Gump Style and dreaming of the sushi I used to be able to buy in Melbourne. All the food.  Food. 

This      That











night owl

no topsheet




Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

“Honestly, this program changed my relationships forever and enriched my whole life.”


so they say: