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My Crazy Little Crush On My Cousin And What You Need to Feel Loved.

I recently moved from a big city to a really small country town in Queensland Australia and my house is about 5 minutes from a beach. Chances are, when I've written this  that that's where I am. Feet in the sand, staring at the ocean and working out whether or not I want to go in. Strange thing here is that the water is really warm - like a bath. To be honest - it can feel a bit creepy on your skin. So - I don't always go in.
I'll have food on my clothes for absolute sure and my care factor about that is a big ZERO.



Does he love me?


I remember sitting on the grass at Primary School, eating my sandwiches when my eyes were opened to the whole concept of love.

I’m not even sure if I’d had a crush on anyone by then.  I did have some pretty cute cousins and Uncles whose attention made me blush – I know – wrong, wrong, wrong…but no serious crush.  Except maybe Bruce – but he dropped me after a day because his friend told him I was 2 timing him.  God knows what that meant.  I was mortified.

Anyways – on this day – mouth full of vegemite sandwich and orange cordial – I found out a huge secret.

To see if someone loves you  – you pull the petals off a flower, one by one and recite “He Loves Me” and “He Loves Me Not”. The phrase you say as you pull the last petal is your answer – This is the truth and will determine your love life for here and all eternity.

So – grab a sandwich.  Grab some cordial and join me on the Oval – here is your Quiz. My version of the flower petal pulling off love oracle.


I’m actually not going to give any results or draw any conclusions.  But – if you recognised even one – then have a good hard look at the question and your answer. 

Then have a think.  Was this how you imagined a partner would make you feel?


PS.  If you’ve tried many things to help your relationships that simply haven’t worked…I can help.

But most importantly, if you’ve been feeling the pull to have me by your side as your mentor, and you’re ready for deep support as you find your answer to “should I stay or should I go”…click below to book your first session.

We’ll use an intuitive and solution-based method to get you sorted.

I can’t wait to be your wingman.

Rebecca Chapman - A Life in Perfect Balance

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Hi to all my male cousins and my uncles – was it you??????? 

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