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No more crappy, confusing, dead-end relationships. At home, work or with family. We got this.

It is just sooooooo tiring. Let go of the idea that you're broken or not enough.  Stop trying to please everyone and ignoring what you want and need.  Stop with endless crappy, confusing relationships. You're not unlovable - even if someone's told you that you are. Let's get you the life YOU want and let's do it now. I gotcha. 


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Want 3 smart, affordable ways to 
fast track your recovery from Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Want 3 smart, affordable ways to fast track your recovery from Childhood Emotional Neglect?  

Would you be ecstatic if you could sort out confusing relationships, find ways to communicate clearly so you get what you need and learn to love and trust yourself and your own judgement? You don't need to make any appointments to start. All the resources are right there. Let's do this NOW.


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We'll talk about all the parts of your life that you're worried about. So you can show up as exactly who you are and want to be.  In all of your relationships. I'll teach you  practical skills that'll make sure that you feel enough and feel understood. No more replaying conversations in your head and overthinking!


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I've chatted with some amazing people on their podcasts. I love a good chat - as you'll find out.  I'll be starting my own soon -  so if you would like to collab, shoot me a message here


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This could change your life. Did you experience Childhood Emotional Neglect?

“It is possible, I have lived it - if you are reading this, it's not too late. I am so thankful to you, Rebecca, you have helped me to change everything for myself, and it's worth more than the world to me.”


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