This is a safe place for adults who have been affected by their own Childhood Emotional Neglect and amazing parents who want to make sure that their kids do not grow up with it. We especially work with adults who do not want to pass on their own trauma to their children.  A lot of people are scared to have children because they themselves did not have an ideal childhood. The very best way to ensure that childhood patterns are not repeated is to work on yourself and learn strategies to live a full and happy life without the shame, obligation and guilt that some of us carry.  Your children can have a healthy self-esteem regardless of YOUR childhood.

I have spent the majority of my career working with adults who have experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect.  We all have examples of how our parents have failed us here and there.  I’ve yet to find a perfect parent or a perfect childhood but it isn’t these instances that I work with.  Have a read of some of my articles over in my blog under “Childhood Emotional Neglect” and if they strike a chord, please do the really, quick quiz, also on the right.  We can then organise a 30-minute chat to discuss your results and the way forward.

If you feel disconnected or not enough for no obvious reason, chances are high that you will get a score that indicates some level of Childhood Emotional Neglect. If you are looking to take your life and health to the next level I would love to offer you a personalised, complimentary 30-minute consultation.

You deserve to feel and be your best and that’s what I am here to do.


  • If you did the Childhood Emotional Neglect Quiz and would like to discuss the result.
  • If you totally relate to the articles here or the examples in Dr Jonice Webb’s books. “Running on Empty” and “Running on Empty No More”
  • or finally, if you reached me via referral from Dr Webb’s website, please book a 30 minute absolutely no obligation chat to see if you’d like to have me help you come up with new strategies for living and loving.

I absolutely still work with adults and realise this is a long-term commitment. I am totally both feet in this with you when you sign on. I will be dedicating a whole part of this website to you guys asap.  You are not alone anymore.

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Now for the fun bit.  Working with parents and kids BEFORE any Childhood Emotional Neglect can cause lasting changes.  I love this part the most because kids are so bloody amazing.  I love every single second I spend finding out their individual gifts and helping parents find the best ways to communicate with them.

Kids are super quick to accept new changes and it is often something tiny that can help your child feel emotionally connected. It is my mission to find it for you.

No matter what mistakes we’ve made as parents or think we have made, they can be fixed.  There is nothing that makes me smile more than when a kid obviously feels understood and heard. They light up like the sun. Children are just amazing and resilient and respond to changes almost immediately.  As soon as we change what we are giving them, they will change.  Truly. I have seen it time and time again.

The more you move into your own beauty and feel your strength as a person and parent, the more your children will naturally change toward positive feelings and behaviour.




I totally get how tired you are and how incredibly time-strapped.  I had five kids at home at one point and felt like I completely lost myself.  You are seriously considering getting a deadlock for the toilet door, have learnt to be very quiet so you can’t be found and sometimes go and sit in the car in the garage just to have a drink.  A big drink.  Let’s help you connect with your kids easily so you can reconnect with yourself and your needs without the tiniest bit of guilt.  

Let’s speak “kid” and start reacting to them as very important, individual lovely souls so they feel understood and heard.  This is what everyone needs.

Once you get that what they wear, how they do at school. how they are feeling and acting, if they fit in, where they fit in, the colour of their hair, if it’s hard to keep clothes on them, if they won’t eat healthy food….once you learn that all of this says nothing about you as a parent then YOU can relax. And when you relax…..they relax. Getting my theme yet?

Let’s show you the basic things kids need so you can let go of all the crap that people tell you that you should be doing. 

Mostly – let’s get rid of the useless guilt. Pleaseno one else knows your kids like you and, trust me, your kids already think you are wonderful.  I am assuming here that the hormonal chemicals of puberty craziness have not kicked in.  If they have – we can help with that too.

I have been a birth mum, working mum, stay at home mum, step mum, single mum, super frazzled mum and often even “wondered if I was cut out to be a mum at all” mum. Relate?  We will be sharing stories, crying with you, yelling with you, laughing with you and most importantly helping you with courses and resources to set your mind at ease.

Just the fact you are here means that you care and that is one huge step in being an amazing parent.

Every person, parent and child is a gorgeously diverse, individual, wonderful soul. The goal of my work is to help build you a personalised toolkit to have for when life, relationships, parenting and stress happens and to help you individualise this for each of your children. 

We will be a team.  You and I and all the other amazing peeps who hang here on this website. I absolutely cannot wait to meet you.

Shoot me an email and sign up for my zen parenting newsletter here.  Any courses, get-togethers, webinars, podcasts and blogs will fly straight to your inbox so you can enjoy them at a cafe, waiting in the school pickup line or over that cold cup of tea sitting on your bench since this morning.

I am really looking forward to meeting you and hearing about all of the strange and wonderful things your munchkins do.  Book in for a free 30-minute chat to see how we can do this together or jump right in with a one-hour appointment.  This can be about your kids or just about YOU.