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Let's let go of the idea that you are broken or not enough.  Let's stop trying to please everyone and being unsure of what you want.  Let's stop with endless crappy, unfulfilling, confusing relationships. Let's let go of the idea that you are unlovable.  Let's get you the life YOU choose and let's do this.

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What's your attachment style?

My what?? How you bonded with your parents can have a huge impact on your relationships. Here's a super quick quiz to help you find out how it affected you.  Do it - You know you want to. 

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We will have phone or online chats about all aspects of your life so you can show up as exactly who you are and want to be in all your relationships. Romantic partners, lovers, friends, family, work or even in your business.  I'm all for practical skills to make sure that you will feel enough and understood.  No more replaying conversations in your head, wishing you had chosen better words to express yourself. 


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I've been so fortunate to chat with some amazing women on their podcasts so I thought I'd share them with you here.  I'll be starting my own soon -  so if you would like to collab, contact me here


my own is coming really soon...

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“It is possible, I have lived it - if you are reading this, it's not too late. I am so thankful to you, Rebecca, you have helped me to change everything for myself, and it's worth more than the world to me.”


All I need is your email and lifelong devotion.  Jokin' - just the email and you'll get all the latest info on Childhood Emotional Neglect, Life, Relationships and how to stay calm - no matter what.  You'll also receive my freebie Emotions 101 to help you be understood much more easily in your relationships. 

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Secrets to being understood

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A book full of emotion words so anyone will understand what you mean.