• Life Coaching – Let’s sort out your stuff.

  • Simple steps to embrace being perfectly imperfect.

    • Is there someone in your life you need help navigating around. Let's sort it out now.  It could be a friend. a family member, work colleague, child, partner and it could be any issue at all.  It is all sortable. Let me help make a practical plan and be there for you while you make changes. Some things are just much easier when you have a wing man. 

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    • bring clarity and vision to your life and decisions. strategize your actions. upgrade any life skills you need to achieve your vision. teach you to optimise your environment for success. help master your psychology by releasing fears, doubts and creating confidence with new and empowering techniques.

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    • I love catching up with clients online and am more than happy to book your session via Skype, Facetime or any other method we can use to connect.  I've been in the position myself where I couldn't seem to get myself together enough to get in my car for an appointment and I was always cancelling.  This way - I am only as far away as your computer, tablet or phone.


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    • Please contact me with feedback, to ask any questions about what it is that I do or just to say "Hi". I love getting emails so don't think twice before hitting "send".  It's never a bother.   Hopefully you will find the answers in my blog but every person is different so if you want to take some time to ask me about something specific, send away.


    • What is Kinesiology?

      June 7, 2016 | Blog
      What is Kinesiology?

      I have been using various forms of natural therapy for lots of years - I was dragged along to homeopaths when I was around 6 - they all fascinate me. I used them on myself, my family, my kids, friends and clients. By far, and I kid you not, the most effective tool that I have ever used is 'muscle [...]

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    • “But I’ve already tried so many things and so many therapists. I am sick of hearing my own story.  I need some time to get my stuff in order before I can rock up for life coaching.”

      Trust me – I sat in that mind-camp for years – I sat in that camp so long I  built a bar, a free bookshop and had a TV installed right next to a huge, comfy pretend bed I could hide in. Ok – I’ll admit – it was a huge portion of my life that I wasted. Now that seems like a lifetime ago and I want to pass my secrets on to you during my life coaching sessions.

      I had told my story until I was sick of hearing my own voice and had a ‘blurb’ ready for therapists that smooshed my life into about four sentences so I could get it over with.

      I was sick of talking about not feeling right and I was convinced that I was so screwed up that no one could help me anyway….so why talk.  Don’t get me wrong – I got plenty of sympathy from therapists in big ol’ therapist chairs –  but I didn’t want that.  I wanted them to give me tools in order to ease the stress I was feeling and to help me move forward. And it is this that has helped me to work out that there are people out there who really want to make changes and not just talk in circles.

      If this is you, fantastic. There will be plenty of talk, but it will be about how amazing your future will be and filling your brain up with strategies that will allow you to cope with things that used to scare the bejeezus out of you.

      It can also be a very time-consuming to find a coach you click with and I’m the first to admit that that may not be me. I cannot remember how many therapists I saw before my life began to change.  I just wasn’t clicking with anyone and that made me feel even more isolated and different.  Just when I already felt that there was no one as ‘different’ as me – it didn’t help.

      I have been there and done that with a lot of things life can throw at you.  We can chat about that later in my blog. I prefer hearing other people’s stories and love watching them gain confidence and spread their wings – even if that means I have to let them go. So this whole blurb, apart from helping me feel like I’m ready to sit down and share a cup of tea with you, is to help you to get a feeling for my style.  I have set up my Social Media pages not to preach but more as a reflection of the things that interest me and the way my mind works.  You even get to see clothes and jewellery that make my day happier when I see them.  I come into this process with you with complete honesty and acceptance and that means that we have to get along and it is essential that you feel safe and trust me.  Please go to the buttons at the bottom of this and sign up to my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hang there for a while to get an insight as to whether I may be the right person to support you.  Or – shoot me a message