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Hey there to you. Welcome to my Margarita-style blog.  We like it salty and sweet here.  Salty language but with sweet truths. Cannot wait to hear if you have any topics you'd like me to cover or even your comments.  Let's do this

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I like it salty and sweet

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Dealing with parents

Dealing with parents. I tell you – I’ve had a week of people having to spend some time with parents that they don’t really want to be around. Not sure if it’s the lockdowns or just life. But – I thought – heck Rebecca (I avoided swearing – did you see that?) – you need […]

4 steps to take when your parents makes you feel like S$$t.

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Secrets. Shame.

The Absolute Truth about Secrets & Shame. It was a beautiful autumn day in a gorgeous, leafy suburb of Sydney.  I was around 7 or 8 and nearly vomiting with anticipation. I can still smell the wet leaves and feel the presence of my dad beside me as we walked up the steep hill from […]

The Absolute Truth about Secrets

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Therapy. Ahhhh.  The word that can put the fear of God into almost anyone. “What brings you in today?” the therapist asked. (They always do. Yep – we’re taught to ask that. I try not to. It annoys me.) The truth was, back then, that there were days when I felt so sad that I […]

18 things I’ve learned about therapy after 40 years. (on-and-off 😊)

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3rd step to healing Childhood Emotional Neglect

3rd Step to Healing Childhood Emotional Neglect Childhood Emotional Neglect, or “CEN” for short, is a term that was coined by Dr. Karyl McBride. It’s the emotional neglect of children that occurs in families where at least one parent is emotionally unavailable due to their own unresolved childhood trauma and/or addiction issues. If this is […]

The 3rd Step to Healing Childhood Emotional Neglect

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Emotionally Neglected

  Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) is what didn’t happen to you or for you when you were a kid. The stuff that you needed to properly prepare you for life. It’s when parents don’t meet their children’s emotional needs. And – the problems caused by this can be long-term and last way into adulthood. If […]

The 2nd Secret to Healing Childhood Emotional Neglect.

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Quiz. Does your mother have Narcissistic Traits?

Is my Mother a Narcissist?  Something that is on your mind a lot? Do the Quiz. Have you ever felt your Mum could be a Narcissist? This Quiz will help you get an answer!    

Is my mother a Narcissist? Quiz.

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childhood emotional neglect quiz

Childhood Emotional Neglect Quiz     Why should you do the Childhood Emotional Neglect Quiz and find out? In many families, the parents simply fail to notice their child is having a feeling, fail to validate their child’s feelings and fail to ask their child about his/her feelings. Not necessarily all of the time, but […]

Childhood Emotional Neglect Quiz

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Attachment Theory

Attachment theory is a psychological model that was developed in the late 1950s by John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. It’s been widely used to study child development, but only recently has it begun to be applied to adult relationships. “About time”, I hear you say. Yes!! The idea of attachment theory is simple enough – […]

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Attachment Theory.

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ealing Emotional Neglect

Healing Emotional Neglect:  The First Step. Estimated reading time: 11 minutes   “Hey, Mum!” I exclaimed as I opened the door. I was greeted with silence and frowned.  The house seemed empty and cold and dirty dishes were piled up in the sink. The living room had clothes drying everywhere and dust particles were floating […]

The First Step to Healing Childhood Emotional Neglect.

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