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Hey there to you. Welcome to my Margarita-style blog.  We like it salty and sweet here.  Salty language but with sweet truths. Cannot wait to hear if you have any topics you'd like me to cover or even your comments.  Let's do this

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I like it salty and sweet

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Deal with a Narcissistic Mother

. Dealing with a Narcissistic mother needs some proven, rock-solid steps and you are in the right place, my new friend. I am so happy we have hooked up. If you suspect your mum has narcissistic traits but haven’t done my quiz yet — check it out here. It should put your mind at rest. I want […]

20 Brilliant Steps to Deal With a powerful Narcissistic Mother.

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Narcissistic Mother

Narcissistic Mothers Before launching straight into this Pandora’s Box, I just want to make the distinction between a Parent-Centred Mother and a Narcissistic Mother. From the outside, they can look similar and I don’t want there to be any confusion. The Narcissistic Mother doesn’t separate at any point from their child emotionally. There is no […]

The quick method to help find out if your mother really is a Narcissist.

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Narcissist Breakup

Narcissist Breakup. Wah Wah Wee Wah.  Buckle up. Here we go – you are doing this. Last week, I wrote an article on how it might go down, and today I am really excited because we can get down to the nitty-gritty and get you outta there.   I remember being so scared for months […]

Need the Ultimate Checklist for Breaking up with a clever Narcissist?

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Break up with a Narcissist

One more internet search for “Breaking up with a Narcissist” and you found me – viola – I’ve been waiting for you.

Really scared to get out of a destructive Narcissistic Relationship?

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Co-parenting with your Narcissistic Ex

Co-parenting with a Narcissistic Ex is tough—really tough. It sucks balls, and it is hard. Leaving the kids for visits can be heartbreaking. I personally remember crying in the driveway of their house – well, I actually drove a few doors down – but I sat and had to fight the urge to rush in […]

Are you ready to co-parent healthy children with a narcissistic ex?

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Narcissistic Boss

You’ve just been the target of one of your boss’ self-absorbed self-centred and “I’m always right” tirades again.  It feels as though all the blood has drained from your body, you’re shaking, and you feel sick. Or angry. Or powerless. Or deeply humiliated.  Maybe all of these. If this is the effect your boss has […]

Can a Narcissistic Boss bullying you make your work life a catastrophe?

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Rejected by a Therapist

  Rejected by a Therapist. Me too. My therapist handballed me to someone else. Then THEY rejected me too. Good afternoon. My name is Rebecca and I am officially a mental health reject. It is true. It can happen quite a bit and I rarely hear it discussed. You’ve been through the whole “I have […]

Your therapist rejects you and you feel like a loser. What to do?

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high-functioning depression sucks majorly

  “You look great” are words that make a person with high functioning depression want to scream. But they won’t – because they have high functioning depression and have usually been so indoctrinated to keep appearances “nice” that they wouldn’t even know how to make a fuss if they wanted to. Growing up in a […]

How high functioning depression can be its own kind of hell.

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    My meditation practice began, formally, when I was about 14 and I stumbled onto it myself.  I was always a bit airy, fairy, woozy, doozy so I was reading some books on Spirituality and found a type I could do. In hindsight, a very lucky little camper. I do think that sitting high […]

Meditation for this Dummy.

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