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frequently asked questions

I have worked with men, women and children in my past and have found that I can offer the best support to women.  So - I only work with women.  Please check the Psychology Today directory to find an appropriate therapist if you are a man or require help for a child. 

Coaching is an equal partnership between the coach + client where both parties are 100% committed to the client’s success. So - my style is very coaching. Once you've been accepted as a new client - I've got your back.  

Most sessions happen over the phone or via Zoom. Sometimes I will meet local clients for lunch in-person (Covid safely) depending on my availability and travel schedule.

You can even organise text and phone contact BETWEEN appointments so I'll be the BFF in your pocket. 

We'll be a team.  I've got some insights and strategies, but you know you the best. 

Heck yes I do!!!  But I only speak English - so there's that.  The booking system I have will let you check out available time in your timezone.  I know - I'm clever like that. Cough. 

The booking system will also change the currency from AUD to the one that you would like to choose. 

I work Monday to Friday from  7AM TO 8PM. AEST (BRISBANE). I also work on some Saturdays.  But, for my own self-care and mental health and so I can show up as my best self  for my clients,  I have a strict limit on how many clients I see in a day. For this reason, you might see a lot of appointments suddenly disappear on my calendar.  It gets booked up quickly.

No - they cannot.  And in this case I will work with you to exit the marriage safely and with integrity.  I have helped many people leave narcissistic relationships or troubled relationships and want to reassure you that I am able to spot this quickly and will put your wellbeing and safety as a priority at all times.  I am also known for my candid honesty - so I promise to  provide accurate and honest feedback.  My purpose is tied up in people living the best life and feeling safe and loved.   If you would like to see me to exit your relationship or without your partner - that is absolutely an option.  You need to get on the Waitlist for The Marriage Fix and in your application explain your situation to me.  

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours ahead to receive a refund.  I get it - life happens.  You can cancel them yourself if you have an account (you should have received details in an email) or please just shoot me an email here or SMS here.  

I work with people in marriages or long-term relationships.  So - yes - I work with LGBTQI.

I have worked with people from many different religions and cultures. 

I have two options: 30-minutes and 50-minutes. if this is your first appointment, please book the 50-minute sessions so we have heaps of time to get to know each other. however, if finances are tight then just book the 30-minutes and we'll speak twice as fast to fit it all in - just joking. But - I will try my hardest to make it work. 

If after our first session you don't feel that I'm the right person to help you - or if I don't feel like I will be the best person for you - just email me within 7 days and I will refund your payment, 

Absolutely.  Always. 

No - you don't.  In fact, although I've been married twice, my longest relationship has been 12 years of UNMARRIED bliss.  As long as you are in a committed relationship...I've gotcha. 
If your partner won't attend, that's fine too.  We'll start with just you. 
This is all about your relationship and YOU get to decide if you want separate sessions, a mixture or separate and together and anything in between.  

You might be a little skeptical. I understand that it can be difficult to know whether coaching or working with ME specifically as your coach will benefit your situation. You’re probably asking yourself… “Will this work or will it just be a waste of money?”

I believe in supporting you to make the right decision based on experience. The first step is to book. Everyone's is scared at first. 

At the end of our first session we can make an informed decision about whether or not we’re a good match to continue working together regularly.

Coaching can completely change your life when there’s a good fit AND when both parties are 100% committed to the process. That means YOU will be required to show up for yourself and do the work

If this is you, LET’S TALK!