Hi there you!

I am so happy we found each other.  Checking this out can be a gutsy move and I can’t wait to find out much more about you. But all in good time. 
In the meantime, who am I?
I could tell you that I love eating and cooking and that my favourite colour is purple. I probably currently have food on my clothes and I break stuff every day.
But – I’d rather tell you that because of my own experience with Childhood Emotional Neglect and the work I’ve done on myself and others – that am passionate as hell about helping YOU. 
I can’t wait to be there for you as you learn all sorts of new skills.
Mostly – I can’t wait to get that text or phone call that says “I get it” I believe that you deserve the best life possible and I am so keen to get you there as quickly as possible.
I work from gorgeous Queensland, Australia because I am one lucky lady. 
My clients are from all over the world. 
I do only speak English – so there is that – but I consult via Skype, Facetime, Messenger chat and email. Of course I am also available to consult by phone.
The best bit – all of these require no change of clothes, no make up and no travelling.
A lot of my clients call during lunch or on the drive home.  I am sure you have more questions so just shoot me a line using the contact link
Who am I – I am your new wing man.  We are in this together until you are ready to drive your new life alone. 
  It’s time and I believe you can do this.