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Childhood Emotional Neglect Quiz

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 Let go of the idea that you are broken or not enough. Stop try to please everyone and being unsure of what you want. Let go of the idea that you are unlovable. Let's get you the life YOU choose. 

I could crap on about myself for days. But - I'd rather tell you that because of my own experience with Childhood Emotional Neglect and the work I've done on myself and others - that I'm passionate as hell about helping YOU.



Childhood Emotional Neglect Quiz



Why should you do the Childhood Emotional Neglect Quiz and find out?

  • In many families, the parents simply fail to notice their child is having a feeling, fail to validate their child’s feelings and fail to ask their child about his/her feelings. Not necessarily all of the time, but too much of the time.
    The way you are treated emotionally by your parents pretty much is how you’ll treat yourself as an adult unless you make an effort to change this. 
  • Emotions are a huge part of being human. If you ignore your own emotions, you’ll feel ignored on some level, no matter how much care you give yourself in other ways.
  • Emotion is the basis of all relationships. If you aren’t paying attention to your emotions or are shutting out the “bad” ones – you are also shutting out the good ones. You will miss out on so much.  Trust me. 
  • Emotional Intelligence is a much better indicator of success in life and work than general intelligence.  You need to recognise, name and express your emotions in order to connect with all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. 
  •  People who didn’t get emotional validation as kids often struggle to provide it as parents. It’s so important to recognize what you didn’t get yourself so you can make a conscious effort to learn the missing skills, fill your own blind spots, and give your children what you didn’t get.

    The variety of emotionally neglectful families is endless. They can be warm or cold, wealthy or struggling, loving or angry or depressed. They can be single-parent, two-parent or with a stay-at-home mom or dad. None of those things even matter. All that matters is that your parents fail to notice, ask or respond to your feelings enough.

    Just as every CEN family is different, so is every CEN adult. CEN folks can look completely varied from the outside so much that they appear to have nothing in common. Yet on the inside, they have some extraordinary things in common.

    All CEN adults share a unique pattern of struggles that are so woven into their sense of themselves that most believe that everyone feels this way.

Living this way is tiring, makes you feel like you have something really wrong with you, you can feel empty and it makes relationships much harder than they need to be. 

The great thing is – it’s never too late to learn some of the stuff you mightn’t have been taught in childhood.  I’ve done it. Lots of people I work with have done it and I am so excited to provide all the emotional support you need to thrive

We got this. 

Want 3 smart, affordable ways to 
fast track your recovery from Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Want 3 smart, affordable ways to fast track your recovery from Childhood Emotional Neglect?  

Would you be ecstatic if you could sort out confusing relationships, find ways to communicate clearly so you get what you need and learn to love and trust yourself and your own judgement? You don't need to make any appointments to start. All the resources are right there. Let's do this NOW.


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