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Christmas Co-parenting Nightmare? A Complete Guide to Confidently dealing with your Narcissistic Ex.

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 Let go of the idea that you are broken or not enough. Stop try to please everyone and being unsure of what you want. Let go of the idea that you are unlovable. Let's get you the life YOU choose. 

I could crap on about myself for days. But - I'd rather tell you that because of my own experience with Childhood Emotional Neglect and the work I've done on myself and others - that I'm passionate as hell about helping YOU.



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Co-parenting with your Narcissistic Ex



Parenting with a narcissistic ex is difficult at the best of times.

Keep this on your phone and look at it before, during, and after the kids visit with your ex:

Want 3 smart, affordable ways to 
fast track your recovery from Childhood Emotional Neglect?

Want 3 smart, affordable ways to fast track your recovery from Childhood Emotional Neglect?  

Childhood Emotional Neglect affects every relationship you are in until it is healed. Would you be ecstatic if you could sort out confusing relationships? Find ways to communicate clearly so you get what you need? Learn to love and trust yourself and your own judgement? You don't need to make any appointments to start. All the resources are right there. Let's do this NOW.


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