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Hey there to you. Welcome to my Margarita-style blog.  We like it salty and sweet here.  Salty language but with sweet truths. Cannot wait to hear if you have any topics you'd like me to cover or even your comments.  Let's do this

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I like it salty and sweet

Childhood Emotional Neglect. Calmness & Resilience Therapist. Phone and Online Bookings. Narcissistic Abuse Recovery.

  By Jonice Webb PhD   But one of the most surprising things about Childhood Emotional Neglect is that emotionally neglectful parents are usually not bad people or unloving parents. Many are indeed trying their best to raise their children well. This is why CEN went so many decades unaddressed. The field of psychology researched, wrote, […]

Dr Jonice Webb’s Top 10 articles about Childhood Emotional Neglect.

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Childhood Emotional Neglect. Calm. Resilience. Mental Health. Inner Child. Relationships. Life Coaching.

    Hold on a second Sunshine, before you click away. I can see your finger ready to click on the mouse. Cease and desist. The most common thing I hear from my clients is….ta da…   “Nothing was really wrong with my childhood”   And I actually do believe you.  Bet you weren’t expecting that.  Now […]

Childhood Emotional Neglect. Please explain girl! My parents loved me.

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